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Oil & Gas Industry Permitting and Compliance

Approach Environmental specializes in oil and gas permitting and compliance (saltwater disposal, air permitting,  for the Oil and Gas Industry. Non-compliance of state and federal rules and regulations can impact a company with production delays, increased production cost, the possibility of regulatory fines, potential environmental liability and litigation.  

Approach specializes in performing environmental due diligence studies and environmental liability identification. Environmental Due Diligence Studies may be performed when properties or facilities are bought or sold or refinanced and may also be used to evaluate and maintain a company's environmental compliance.

Additionally, our team can assist you with proper pipeline compliance including classification, integrity  management, surface maintenance and monitoring. 

Our environmental team has extensive experience in environmental permitting for the Oil & Gas Industry. Our professionals are familiar with the preparation and implementation of SWD permits, as well as all aspects of air permits. Additionally, Approach Environmental can coordinate, schedule and interpret testing and monitoring of the facilities after permitting is completed. 


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