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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, commonly referred to as an ESA, is a comprehensive site inspection conducted on commercial property to determine the environmental condition based on past and future planned use of the subject property. A Phase I ESA will assess potential environmental issues and/or liabilities of the property. The assessment report allows potential buyers to identify issues such as hazardous environmental concerns and determine whether underground storage tanks have been or are present. 

All Phase I ESAs are performed according to the industry standrad ASTM-1527-13, including All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI). 

Our environmental professionals will review the site specific information:

  • Review the title
  • Review property boundaries and maps
  • Obtain and review aerial photographs
  • Search for environmental liens 
  • Research past property or land use
  • Research previous permits and plan records 
  • Interview the current proprty owner and/or neighboring property owners             

Depending on the potential environmental impact and/or liability to the purchaser, a Phase II ESA may be recommended prior to completing the real estate transaction.