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 Storage Tank

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
We are environmental professionals (geologists and scientists) and EPA-recognized professionals who perform assessments relative to commercial real estate transactions. This service is to protect you from environmental issues and liabilities that may otherwise be transferred to or inherited by you without your knowledge. Assessments are performed according to the industry standard ASTM-1527-13 including All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI). Phase II assessments are intended to confirm or reduce environmental liabilities with individual scopes of work.

Oil and Gas Industry Permitting, Compliance and Spill Management
Approach specializes in performing due diligence studies, environmental liability identification, evaluation and the development of cost effective and time efficient solutions or management of those liabilities.  This service is particularly important during acquisitions and divestitures of oil and gas production.  Approach has extensive experience in assessment and remediation of soil, surface water, and groundwater pollution in these scenarios.

Approach prepares SPCC plans and assists with implementation, training, and follow-up inspections for SPCC plans.

Approach prepares air permits for oil and gas production facilities in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.  Additionally, Approach can coordinate, schedule and interpret testing and monitoring of the facilities after permitting is completed.

Approach provides spill response management... we will coordinate the spill cleanup through your construction contractors and will ensure that your reporting and remediation are performed according to state regulatory requirements.

Approach can assist you with proper pipeline compliance including classification, integrity management, surface maintenance and monitoring.

Underground Storage Tank Assessments and Compliance Monitoring
Approach performs comprehensive soil and ground water assessments for leaking underground storage tanks (USTs). Approach has been approved by the LDEQ as a Response Action Contractor (RAC) and by the TCEQ as a LPST Corrective Action Specialist (CAS) and is qualified and experienced to perform assessment and remediation in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.
Waste Management Consultation
Approach performs waste facility auditing, disposal option evaluation, and disposal facility permitting and monitoring.

Ground Water Assessments
Approach provides pre-construction groundwater assessment and monitoring at industrial facilities.

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