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UST Assessments, Remediation and Compliance 

Approach Environmental, LLC is a licensed Response Action Contractor (RAC) with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) and LPST Corrective Action Specialist with the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Approach performs comprehensive soil and groundwater assessments for leaking underground storage tanks (USTs). Our environmental professionals have assisted clients with all aspects of UST assessments remediation and compliance. 

Approach Environmental performs comprehensive soil and groundwater  assessments for leaking underground storage tanks in compliance with state and federal regulations. Our professionals evaluate site history, compliance records, UST specifications and UST integrity to determine the UST compliance and management. Our team will provide a comprehensive and detailed interpretation of the information in order for you to make the best decisions regarding your UST system. 

If an underground storage tank leak is suspected or confirmed, Approach Environmental will work within state and federal guidelines to develop and implement an in-depth and satisfactory plan for assessment and, if necessary, remediation of the impacted area(s). Our environmental professionals work closely with state and federal agencies to minimize cost to our clients while satisifying the regulatory agencies. Remediation plans may include excavation of impacted soils, installation of groundwater monitor wells, or installation of in-place remediation alternatives acceptable to state and federal regulatory agencies and requirements.

Approach Environmental assist clients with compliance and interpretation of all underground storage tank rules and regulations. Owners are responsible for UST registration with all appropriate regulatory authorities, meet leak detection requirements, and meet spill, overgill and corrosion protection requirements. Compliance with UST regulations can quickly determine a possible leak and can lessen the overall environmental impact. 

Our environmental professionals perform mock compliance audits for UST sites. During a mock compliance audit, all records are reviewed and any deficiencies rectified. This service helps UST owners avoid fines for non-compliance and reduce their potential liabilities. Additionally, Approach Environmental can schedule and supervise all Line and Leak Detection testing, as well as Cathodic Protection Surveys.